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Past meetups

meetup #3 | 2019 @ Publicis Pixelpark

## Talk 1 ##
From Bot to Friend in 10 steps
Kerstin Fels, Creative Director @ Publicis Sapient

Conversational interfaces can be so much more than just talking search engines: your best friend, a companion for long car drives – even your virtual girlfriend… This talk is about how to create a conversational interface that builds an emotional relationship with users.

## Talk 2 ##
An Introduction to Voice Search
Lisa Waffenschmidt, SEO Consultant @ morefire GmbH

More and more people are using their voice to search something online. But how can we adapt a website to this new search behavior? Voice SEO deals with this question and different strategies to adapt content and frameworks to Voice Search.

…a big shoutout to our host „Publicis Pixelpark“!

Pictures by Nathan Dreessen,  https://nathan-dreessen.de/

meetup #2 | 2019 @ Publicis SAPIENT

## Talk 1 ##
Building a Voice Assistant the Samsung way. Welcome to Bixby Voice!
Miren Urteaga, Product Manager – Digital Services @ Samsung

She started her Computer Linguistics studies when Natural Language Processing technologies were starting to be developed. Ever since, she focused her whole career to the field of Human-Computer Interaction both in academia and research centers. She has developed ASR systems for national TV broadcasters and European projects, machine translation systems for the European Commission and DARPA, as well as TTS voices for market-leading companies. As part of her PhD in Neurolinguistics she focused on Brain-Computer Interaction for future interfaces, including stays at robotics centers such as the IIT. She is currently Product Manager at Samsung, applying language technologies to their new voice assistant Bixby.

## Talk 2 ##
Private-by-design voice assistants
Eric Bezzam, Machine Learning Team at Snips

Voice assistants have become ubiquitous, essentially placing a cloud-connected microphone in our work, in our homes, and in our pockets! In this talk, we’ll go over Snips‘ approach towards building private-by-design voice assistants. In other words, voice assistants that run completely on-device and without an internet connection, respecting the privacy and autonomy of its users.

…a big shoutout to our host „Publicis Sapient“!

Pictures by Nathan Dreessen,  https://nathan-dreessen.de/

meetup #1 | 2019 @ DENKWERK

## Talk 1 ##
Voice First in der Automobilbranche: Eine kritische Betrachtung der bisherigen und zukünftigen Entwicklung von Sprachbedienung im Auto.
Dr. Laura Dreessen

Als Linguistin und Voice User Interface Designerin hat Laura in verschiedenen Projekten vor allem zu Erkennung, Konzept, Spezifikation und Implementierung von plattformunabhängigen Systemen beigetragen. Ihr Schwerpunkt lag auf Sprachbedienung im Automobil, zuletzt im Bereich Navigation. In ihrem Vortrag vermittelt Laura einen kurzen Überblick über die Entwicklung von Sprachbedienung im Automobil bis zum derzeitigen Stand. Verschiedene Fallbeispiele sollen die Diskussion und den Austausch darüber fördern, wie Sprachbedienung im Auto in Zukunft noch nützlicher und natürlicher bzw. zugänglicher werden kann, um einen wirklichen Voice First Ansatz zu erreichen.

## Talk 2 ##
Location and voice: Talking to machines about where
Tom Blaksley – what3words

Tom has spent three years as part of the what3words partnerships team. His work now focuses on all voice partners, from the ASR providers themselves to the end customers bringing voice capabilities to their consumers. Prior to joining what3words Tom studied Arabic at Cambridge University.

Precisely communicating location by voice is an extremely challenging proposition. Traditional addresses are often inaccurate, don’t always exist, and are often in completely the wrong language! what3words is a global addressing system that has been designed specifically for voice input, enabling us to talk about anywhere with the ease, confidence, and precision necessary for today’s world.

…a big shoutout to our host „denkwerk“!